Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Exciting Friendly Match

I received an invitation to play a friendly match with my old friend's team. Nik Shazwan suggested that we play in Shah Alam but we were a bit reluctant because it was too far away. Thus I was surprised when his team are willing to come over to Serdang to play with us. 

This time we got 15 players so I decided to become supersub. The match started quite disastrously for us when we conceded an early goal in the first minute. However we were back on track when Jose equalised by doing a nutmeg move on the keeper. We thought that will give us a breather but their striker has another idea. A fine volley towards the edge of the goal post is simply too much for our keeper so the opponent maintain their one goal lead towards the end of the first half.

The second half started like in the first half; we conceded another early goal, this time through a free kick. I have had enough and decided to get into the play. Few minutes after that we managed to get a goal when one of our midfielders managed to beat their offside trap and slip the ball between their keeper and the goal post. Another goal came for us when our defender managed to squeeze in the ball from a tight angle. In the end we finished the match with a 3-3 draw. We are quite lucky not to lose this match because our keeper has been superb by saving lots of point blank shots and attempts.

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