Sunday, February 27, 2011

Congratulations Khairil and Ruzanna

LBJB 2011 League Match Two: Eagles 1-0 Harriers

Both Eagles and Harriers have won their first match and it's going to be a hard fought match. And it was indeed. Even though there were plenty of chances from both sides throughout the four quarters of the match, Eagles can only managed to get one solitary goal through Hadif in the third quarter. Well, a win is a win and now Eagles are at the top of the Juniors league.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tok Wan and his grandchildren

Ilyas 8th Birthday Party

My friend, Emeel works in one of the restaurants in Bandar Baru Bangi. The name is Monrods and is quite unique because it has an open space area on the second floor complete with the karaoke set. Thus we decided to have Ilyas' birthday party there. And we discovered something that we have never known before: Ilyas loves to sing using a microphone. Together with his friends, they sung various songs by a number of artists like Lucky Laki and Justin Bieber. We held several games to keep the children entertained. Afterwards we went back home to watch Ilyas opening up his presents.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FEP Bowling Tournament - Piala Prof. Dr. Khalid Rahim

This year our faculty bowling season starts with Piala Prof. Dr. Khalid Rahim tournament. This time each team took the initiative of being unique by wearing same coloured t-shirts. My team consisted of Fakarrudeen, Haniza and myself and we decided to wear all reds but apparently so do three or four other teams! I managed to get 142, 143 and 134 for the team and when the results were announced my team was declared 2nd place overall. Last year my team was in the third place so I guess it's definitely a continuous improvement.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

LBJB 2011 League Match One: Eagles 3-2 Falcons

Today is the first league match and Eagles are facing Falcons, who won against Eagles with the score of 4-1 just a week ago in the exhibition match. At first, things did not look promising when Falcons scored an early goal through a freekick. Then it got worse when one of our players, Hadif scored an own goal by mistake. However, I have a full confidence on Eagles to make a comeback because Falcons are playing without many substitute players so they will get tired during the third and fourth quarters whereas Eagles have plenty of backup players.

And this is exactly what is happening when Eagles did an ultimate comeback by scoring three goals through a brace by Hakiemi and a goal by Adam. Hakiemi was actually suffering from a fever and he became the hero of the team by displaying a never give up attitude. The parents of Eagles players also gave full support by wearing the supporter shirts much to the bemusement of the parents from other teams.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Ilyas!

Today is Ilyas' birthday and we are having a small celebration among the family members to mark this special occasion. But what Ilyas is really looking forward to is the official birthday party that we are going to have pretty soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bowling Practise at The Mines

In order to prepare for the incoming bowling tournament, I decided to have a practise with my teammates. I brought along Ilyas, Maisarah and Eela with me. When I arrived at The Mines bowling centre, I met my old schoolmate, Nizam. I only managed to score 103, 147 and 114, which shows how inconsistent I can be. Hopefully this score will be better in the real tournament.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

LBJB Exhibition Match 2011

Today is the launching of a new season of Liga Bolasepak Junior Bangi and therefore the organiser has set up several exhibition matches to showcase to the parents. Ilyas' team, Eagles are playing against Falcons. Just a day before Eagles have beaten Hawks with a scoreline of 6-1 (the scorers were Naufal, Luqman, Hadif and Adam (3 goals)) so the confidence was quite high. So it was a huge shock when the exhibition match finished, Eagles had lost to Falcons with a scoreline of 1-4 (with Ilyas as the sole scorer for Eagles). We are not worried though because any wins during this exhibition match won't count when the real season begins. I also took this opportunity to test all the players in various positions.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

ANSARA Taiping 3 - 3 Ex-Manchester FC

Jose, scored a brace

Ayie scored the first goal from a freekick

After two weeks break, we are back having friendly matches to prepare for the new season. This time we are facing Ex-Manchester FC at the Universiti Malaya football field. I still could not get the full squad to come for this match and we started the match with only 4 first eleven players with all our back four features completely new and different players including the keeper. Thus it is not surprising when we let in two successive goals within the few minutes of the first half. Ayie continued with his fine form from the previous match by scoring from a free kick as the opponent's keeper completely misjudged the ball. However, the opponent strike back with a goal that is quite similar in movement to the second one.

I made few substitutions for the second half by bringing in Sidi to replace Din as the defensive midfielder and introduced Shukri as the new left winger. Shukri made an impact immediately when he managed to get a cross across the goal for Jose to tap in. Then Sidi dribbled past few players and made a fierce shot towards the keeper which he managed to block but Jose was at the right place to knock the ball in for the equaliser. After that the match loses its tempo and we were quite lucky the opponent didn't have the best of finishing touch. 

I realise that our team are still not a finished article and that's why I have scheduled two more friendly matches in the coming weekends. Hopefully BAT squad will be at their full strength when the proper league season starts in April.

Squad stat: Firdaus (GK), Alang (LB), Kudin (CD), Shaz (CD), Kalai (RB), Ayie (AM), Din (DM), Jose (RW), Epul (LW), Zainal (AM), Fazli (S) Subs: Sidi (DM), Shukri (LW)

Aqiqah for Nur Afrina Zahra binti Mohammad Ridzuan

Maisarah with her handmade icecream