Monday, April 28, 2008

Lancaster City FC

Today I went to the Giant Axe Stadium, home of Lancaster City FC. I entered the office and asked whether I could buy one of their replica shirt. One of the gentlemen there guided me to their store and asked for my size. I asked him the price for one shirt. He replied that it's only cost £20. On top of that he gave me several other items like tax disc holder, key chain holders, a pencil and a ruler. I asked him if I could purchase another shirt for my brother. He said I could have the two shirts for £30. Then I noticed the scarf. He said it costs £8 but I can have it all together for £40! Hah! What a shrewd businessman, but I don't mind paying the £40 because the original price for one shirt is actually £25. We went back to the office because he wanted to give me the receipt. On the way out, he gave me two Lancaster City calendars for free. What a bargain!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back from a Holiday

I was away for nearly two weeks entertaining my mother, two aunties and a cousin who came here for a holiday. We went to London and Holland visiting many interesting places. I took my family to visit Paris including Disneyland and Walt Disney Parks. The remaining pictures are uploaded in my Facebook album.

Down the memory lane Part 2

Found another old photo from one of my friend's Facebook.