Friday, February 27, 2009

Maisarah completed her treasure hunt

Maisarah has completed her treasure hunt (she found all the items, with the help from Ilyas of course) and in the end she has managed to collect £74.40 from 14 sponsors. She would like to thank Mama Tok, Tok Ayah, Tok, Ninina & Uncle Enol, Auntie Fidah, Auntie Idlan, Auntie Shima, Auntie Yana, Auntie Manisah, Auntie Sai, Auntie Jaz, Umi, Ayah and her brother, Ilyas. Below the picture is her video of saying thanks in her own sweet voice.

My latest jersey

Just bought this one for £15, a huge discount. This is a home jersey for People Republic of China. Looks nice. I also bought an away jersey of England for £4.50. Apparently most of the jerseys are on sale right now. Can't miss those bargains.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ilyas has head lice!

Ilyas complaint about itchiness on his head yesterday and last night we found a living head louse. Today we bought a spray-on lotion which comes with a fine-toothed comb. We found five or six more head lice on Ilyas' head and immediately applied the lotion on his hair. We also checked each and everybody's hair but none is infected so far. Whilst waiting to wash the hair, Ilyas fell asleep, probably too tired from his first day at school since the one week school holiday.

Monday, February 23, 2009

One Sunday in Liverpool

Entrance to the Heritage Market

Ilyas is playing the Wii

Shooting game with Awa

Mek Sarah

This morning we decided to explore the city of Liverpool a little bit, in a typical Malaysian postgraduates way, which is going to the car boot sale, of course. The first one near the Breck Road is not open today so our next destination is the Heritage Market near Stanley Dock. It is situated inside a huge and old warehouse building near the port. Maisarah bought a springy toy which she called Jelly Julie. Ilyas is just happy with his Star Wars Top Trumps cards. Afterwards we went to another car boot sale near Bootle. I managed to buy two tubes of shuttlecocks for just £5.

In the afternoon we were invited for a lunch by one of the Malaysian family who live near the town. They have a Nintendo Wii and Ilyas was instantly hooked and he tried all the games on offer. Afterwards we went to the Home Bargains shop to buy some tidbits for the kids. Life is good with E200.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Manchester Games 2009

Lancaster team with three Liverpool imports (Hasif, standing far left, Awa and myself)

Our first match against Cheetam Hill B

I'm writing this with an aching body. Fortunately you just need your fingers to type words. Today I went to Manchester with Awa to play for Lancaster futsal team in the Manchester Games 2009 as they don't have enough players to play with them. We brought along with us one youngster from Liverpool, Hasif. We are supposed to play against four other teams in a group matches. Only the group's winner will advance to the quarter final together with the best runners-up.

We started our first match against Cheetam Hill B and won easily 3-1 with a hattrick by Hasif. In our second match, we managed to beat Bristol 3-0 with two goals from Syahir and another from Hasif. I played in both matches, but only for a few minutes in the second half. It's all tactical, of course. After these two matches, we started to believe, that something unthinkable could happens, which is becoming group winners (!)

However, our third match against Sheffield B started disastrously when we were immediately behind by a goal. Luckily, our star player Hasif managed to equalise for us. We thought the match is going to end with a draw when in the last seconds Syahir managed to score a winning goal. I didn't play in this match as Sheffield B were playing quite rough and I just don't want to risk any injury (honest!). I did a quick look at the other results in our group and found out that we only need a draw against our last opponent to advance to the quarter final.

Our last opponent is Staffordshire Stoke and they have so far won two and drew one. So they need a win to get through. The first half looks promising as neither teams conceded any goal. I started in the second half  as one of our defenders still has not recovered from the grueling match against Sheffield B and the first half against this Stoke team. Things are really looking our way when suddenly something horrible happens. Our goalkeeper who was excellent throughout the tournament received the ball and he immediately throw the ball straight into an opponent player. I could only watch with horror as he drove the ball right into the corner left bottom of our goal. We tried our best to get the equaliser but it never came.

Our last hope is to become the best runners-up but we found out that there are another team who were also second in their group, who have same points with us, same goal difference but superior goals scored. So we departed from the venue exactly at 1pm. 

It was a good fun, but after few hours the body started to feel the pain. And to think that the last time I played football was nearly six months ago, I have nobody else to blame but me, but it was really worth it, as it feels something like a closure for my involvement in the football tournaments in the UK, which started about 15 years ago.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Birthday Present from Tok Wan

Today a package from Tok Wan arrived. Ilyas is very happy to receive some more presents from Tok Wan. He and Maisarah quickly assemble those little dinosaurs and insects and afterwards they put on the glow in the dark dinosaurs all over the walls and ceiling in their room.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Ilyas!

Ilyas with his birthday cake last night, 
celebrating with Haziq and Maisarah

He woke up this morning to find a large dinosaur in his room!

Haziq gave him a Match Attax football album. 
Maisarah is being brave by holding the dinosaur's tail

European Team Badminton Championship, Liverpool

Posing with Gail Emms, former World No. 1, 
All England Champion and Olympic silver medallist

Anthony Clark and Nathan Robertson during the warm-up

Denmark the champions after beating England 3-2

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Maisarah's Treasure Hunt

Ilyas and Maisarah are having half term holiday for one week starting from tomorrow. Ilyas is planning to stay all day on his bed because he wanted to sleep before 9pm and get a star from his Umi. As for Maisarah, her teacher has an assignment for her, a sponsored treasure hunt to fund for their class' new equipments. Click on the first picture above to get all the details. If you are interested you can contact Maisarah's manager at

From what I heard, Maisarah has already managed to secure sponsorship worth £19.60 from four sponsors (thanks to Auntie Shima, Manisah, Fidah and Idlan) and of course, from both her parents. Maisarah is planning to ask sponsorship from Awa as well.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tok Ayah's New Car

Mercedes-Benz E200K Classic 4dr Tip Auto
Mileage: 22,105
Price: £11,993
Colour: Cubinite Silver
cc: 1,796
hp: 184

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Kiss - Because I'm a Girl

*thanks to Durra for the link

After one month...

Today is exactly one month after I started my Special K diet and I happy to announce that my weight has been reduced from 84kg to 83kg. I will continue this diet until I reach 76kg, or at least below 80kg.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

ANSARA Taiping are the Champions!

Our home jersey is yellow in colour but they decided 
to wear their third and newest jersey instead

Madun Benitez

I am a very happy man today. My football club, Skuad Bolasepak ANSARA Taiping ( have just won the prestigious Piala ANSARA by beating ANSARA PDRM with a scoreline of 2-0. This event is the 15th edition of Piala ANSARA and Tepen is only the sixth ANSARA team to won it and only the second one for the past seven years (full history in I used to manage this club for two years before I went to UK to further my study. But I always kept in touch with the current manager, Madun, who is my junior in Taiping and Lancaster, and also with the players. I even played a match with them when I was on holiday in Malaysia last year. This is the first cup Tepen had won in the Liga Alumni football tournaments although we have won the futsal tournament last year. 

I'm so proud of them.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I know one 'man' who is happy when it's snowing...

Morning snow

This morning when I woke up, all the snow from previous two days has melted. Suddenly out of nowhere the snow has come again.

My Driving Licence has arrived

Today I received my new driving licence and it's pink in colour! This licence entitles me to drive a car in the UK until 24th April 2046, before I reach my 70th birthday. However, this photocard licence needs to be renewed every 10 years in order to update the photo on the card.