Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Time

What a better way to spend time in the summer than celebrating your child's birthday in the open. That's what Bong and Yana did today and what a party. The kids have a giant bouncy castle to play with and not to forget plenty of foods to eat. However, I think the guys (dads and lads) were having more fun than the rest. After eating the barbequed chicken, we had a game of 'sepak raga bulatan' and I think the highest score we had was 67 times.

Then we played table football tournament organised to collect fund for our badminton club. There were 12 players (11 guys and 1 girl, Eivani) and there were four groups in the qualifying round. Wakaf Che Yeh FC (Wan Huzaimi) met Pasir Mas FC (Asmadi) in the first semifinal and myself (Reko Clan) met Haria Penang (Amir) in the other semifinal. Huzaimi managed to beat Asmadi 2-0 and Amir got beaten by me 0-2. In the final I managed to win first leg 9-8 but in the second leg Huzaimi got his revenge by beating me 9-5. So Wakaf Che Yeh FC was the winner.

It was one of the most fun and tiring birthday party I have ever attended. I wonder whose child's birthday is next... hmmmm. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rabbani - Pergi Tak Kembali

Raihan - Sesungguhnya


Ada sorang makcik kelantan nih, dia mai HKL nak carik sedara dia eksiden. Sampai kat HKL dia tanya la sorang nurse kat situ...dalam loghat kelantan la.

"nak tupe tanyo, mana dio wad kecemase"

Nurse tu selamba jer jawab...

"wad kencing masam takde....wad kencing manis ader la"..

*Thanks Asmadi for the forwarded e-mail*

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lancaster Morecambe & District Badminton league

Last year I started to join Bailrigg team for their annual District badminton league ( They have A & B teams and I was immediately drafted into an A team. The tournament started from 27th September 2006 and finished on the 14th March 2007. It was a grueling tournament since you had to play 18 matches (home and away) and for each match you had to play 6 sets with your partner within 3 hours. They are still using the old point scoring system (15 points) but I heard for the new upcoming season they are considering the new rally points scoring system (21 points). I have no preference really, but a game with the new system tends to finish faster than the old one.

We lost 4 matches in our first 5, and things doesn't looked good at the time considering our main player, Paul Taylor is still out injured. However, when he finally recovered by mid December, we won two matches in a row. In the end, we managed to get a respectable fourth position in the second division (see table above). In the Riley Cup (knock out competition) we lost to eventual runner up, Ascension A in the quarter final. Overall, it was a good season considering that Paul was injured for the first 2-3 months and there are two new male players in the team. Bailrigg A is always in the second division (they are 5th during the 2003/04 season but third in both 2004/05 and 2005/06 seasons) but Bailrigg B has made a commendable comeback by being promoted to the third division after finishing second in the fourth division.

Some statistics:

Points won by my double: 58/158 = 36.7% for league and 6/23 = 26% for cup
Percentage winning home matches = 73
Percentage of sets won with Brenda = 58%
Percentage of sets won with Tim = 53%
Percentage of sets won with Paul = 55%