Sunday, January 31, 2010

Building Lego Star Wars Hyena Droid Bomber

Ilyas is happy today because Tok Ayah bought him a new Lego Star Wars. Ayah simply cannot afford such expensive toy. When we reach home, he immediately started on the first of three components of the spaceship. After he finished that part, he felt sleepy and announced to his mother that he will continue tomorrow. He went to his room and fell asleep.

Maisarah and Music

Acupuncture and Islamic Calligraphy

Today is my fourth session of acupuncture with Dr. Hassan Bai. In the first session, I was 'punctured' with three needles. Two more needles were added during the second one and the number of needles stuck to my arm were increased by two more in the third session. I imagine that by the tenth session I will look like a porcupine. Luckily in today session the number of needles remain at seven. I still feel some pain near my elbow so I honestly don't know how many more sessions I have to attend before it goes away. 

After the session is over, Dr. Hassan Bai brought us to another section of the office and shown us his collection of Islamic calligraphy with Chinese influence. They all look nice. He gave one to my mom, his longtime customer.

Tea Party with Kakak Fidah

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Piala Prof. Muzaffar Bowling Tournament 2010

Tonight is the night where almost everyone in the faculty is waiting for, which is the 2nd edition of Prof. Muzaffar Cup Bowling Tournament to be held at The Mines. My team comprised of Dr. Wan Azman and Nurul Huda. On paper, our team looks strong but a disastrous performance by your truly nearly costs the team any medals whatsoever. Whereas my teammates keep scoring an average of 130 for each frame, I started the first one with a humiliating 89. The second one is only slightly better, a pathetic 99. Everyone was quite surprised and I'm also at loss trying to figure out why I'd always get a combination of 9 for each turn. Finally I managed to figure out what's went wrong and I managed to get a score of 177 in my third frame. By that time it's already too late to do anything else as the damage has been done. We came third and were only 25 points behind the second placed team. I'm still grateful to win the third place and many thanks to my teammates who managed to cover points deficit on my part.

UPM Alumni Mentorship Program 2010

Today I was invited to participate in an event involving students of UPM and lecturers from the various faculties. My task is to talk to these students in a round table discussion on career after graduation, job interview and working experience. The last time I attended an interview was eleven years ago. Never the less I briefed them about the availability of many online websites that offer free job search and advice on job interview and constructing a good CV. The students are quite enthusiastic and almost all of them had in their mind what type of career they would like to get once they graduated from the UPM. I reminded them that they need to hone their social and communication skills by getting involved with many activities offered by the societies and the university. After all, self confidence is very important and the desire to excel in whatever you get into is what all the employers are looking for in the fresh graduates.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haziq's 7th Birthday

Today we were invited to attend Haziq's birthday at Kampung Tunku, PJ. I'm unable to attend due to class commitment but Ilyas and Maisarah are having a great time. Ilyas is really excited to meet Haziq again and Jo took the opportunity to visit Haziq's mother, Jaz and her newborn baby girl.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Paranoid Neighbour

If you look closely, apart from the obvious two black grills, the dividing walls have been erected for both levels and even the gaps between the entrance flower pots have been filled with bricks.

New addition: barb wire!

Back of the house, completely shut off

Another black grill on the wall

I wonder when they are going to build a guard tower, perhaps after they install CCTVs and infra-red sensors?

I dropped by my parents' house in Kajang and was quite surprised to see the latest addition by our security obsessed neighbour. Previously they have installed a tall black grill fence along the divider of our roof. Yes, you heard me right, on top of the roof. Making it the only house in our neighbourhood to have such landmark, visible even from the Kajang SILK highway. They have also erected tall walls at the front and back of the house, making it impossible to see the inside of their house, as if we want to look anyway. And today they put barb wires along the top black fence on the roof. What puzzled us is that they never told us why they have resorted to such a drastic action. Have they been burgled or visited by 'orang minyak', who loves to take midnight stroll on the roof? Or maybe their life-long fantasy is to feel how to live inside a prison. I'm really tempted to put a replica of a prison warden on top of our roof and facing their house. Or a Hello Kitty doll.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Liga Bolasepak Junior Bangi - Second Week

Nowadays, no more waking up late every Saturday and Sunday mornings for both of us, Ilyas and myself. The football training will starts at 8.00am and usually will finish by 10.30am. Ilyas scored his first goal during Saturday training through a penalty kick. He celebrated wildly as if he just won the World Cup. Last Sunday was the trial session to determine which team you will be drafted in. This time he scored from an open play. The organiser appointed both Nazrul and I as the team coach for the junior teams. I swapped the position with my assistant coach because I found out that he was the coach for last season. I'm hoping to learn from him for one full season before I will be ready to be the main coach for the junior team.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dinner party for the family

Today we held a dinner party at our new house and most of our close relatives came. Last week we did 'tahlil and doa selamat' by inviting neighbours. I was so busy at that time that I forgot to take pictures. This time I was busy too but luckily Jo managed to take some. Next week we will start inviting friends to our new home, provided Jo has recovered enough from holding parties in two successive weeks.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Something is wrong with this picture

After one week of school, Ilyas learned few things:
1) He knows how to purchase two sausages (50 cent each) from the morning school.
2) He knows how to buy a syrup drink (30 cent) from the evening school.
3) He knows how to put on his rain coat by himself if it is raining outside.
4) He knows how to spend the remaining of his pocket money on a RM1 ice cream when it's time to go home, rain or shine.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-24

Mawi and his wife, Ekin

Fara Fauzana over my right shoulder

Dato' Siti performing with Azlan




Faizal Tahir

I got two VIP tickets to watch Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-24 but the show was on Sunday and the kids need to go to school early in the morning on the next day. So we asked Mama Tok to look after them for a while and promised that we will be going back home after few songs. But when I called back around 9-10pm Mama Tok told me that both are already asleep so we decided to stay. And it was worth staying. We enjoyed all the performances although my favourites (Misha Omar, because she is a Kelantanese and Bunkface, because they rock) didn't win any of the awards.