Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Percaya Pada Luka - Nashrin

Percaya Padaku - Ungu

Disaat Aku Mencintaimu - Dadali

Ku Menunggu - Rossa

Patah Seribu - Shila Amzah

Lelaki Seperti Aku - Alif Satar

Terhenti Di Sini - Asfan

Tiga Kata - KRU

Pokok - Meet Uncle Hussain featuring Hazama

Cinta Muka Buku - Najwa Latif

Aishiteru - Zivilia Band

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Preparing breakfast for the family

Maisarah was helping Jo preparing the breakfast by arranging the cutlery on the table. I could not help but smiling when I saw one of the food on offer was a pop candy!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Liga Alumni 2011 Division One Fourth League Match: BAT 0 SMACH 4

After the last match victory against AlumTek, we are facing our toughest opponent yet in the league, SMACH. We held against their penetrating attacks quite well in the first half but our opponent took advantage of confusions over a free kick and scored their first goal. It was a blow to our players' morale and when the second half started we were unable to continue with our earlier momentum and SMACH started to pile pressures upon us by scoring one goal after another. It was a match to forget but we knew that by the end of the season, team's position will be decided by the head to head results and that is what we are going to focus right now, by beating our lower ranked opponents such as SJAA and STAROBA when we meet them later.

Match stats:
Goalkeeper: Fairuz. Defenders: Epul, Sahlan, Madun, Pak Lah. Midfielders: Fariz, Kerambit, Mujahid, Shidi. Ayie. Striker: Wan. Subs: Abe, Jose, Ale, Paan, Fazli, Kamarul, Kalai.

Ice Skating at the Sunway Pyramid

Maisarah has been asking us to bring her to the ice skating rink for many weeks and today we are able to fulfill her wish. Jo decided to be our official photographer for this momentous occasion; the first time the kids experience ice skating. Although she kept clinging to the side board, Maisarah never got tired and insisting that we continue skating even when I was sweating heavily and started to hurt my feet. On the other hand, Ilyas was skating by himself as if he had known skating all his life. Even when Maisarah and I took our needed rest, Ilyas continued with his skating. When we finished our session, Maisarah asked if we could buy her own skating shoes. Maybe some day, dear.

Friday, July 15, 2011

1Malaysia International Tourism Night Floral Parade 2011

The Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival was held every year at the Putrajaya Waterfront and this year we decided to go there and enjoy the spectacle of floats parade as well as the fireworks. There is a restaurant near the Millennium Tower and while waiting for the dinner to come, we took pictures of the floats and enjoy the fireworks. Unfortunately, Maisarah was too sleepy to wait for the fireworks which started promptly at 10 o'clock.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Liga Alumni 2011 Division One Third League Match: BAT 3 AlumTek 2

After two straight losses, we really need a win to boost the moral of the players as well as keeping our hope alive of remaining in the first division. We started brightly when Mujahid scored the first goal but AlumTek responded almost swiftly with their equaliser. However, we managed to lead one more time through a briliant goal by Wan when he coolly sidestepped the goalkeeper to score his first competitive goal for BAT.

In the second half, AlumTek substituted their goalkeeper but even that won't stop Mujahid from scoring an audacious goal from a long range to double our lead. The opponent did eventually got another goal through their speedy winger but we are not going to be denied our first win in the league. In the end, we emerged victorious but it was not an easy one as three of our players had to be substituted during the match because of multiple kind of injuries. 

Match Stat:
Goalkeeper: Shaz. Defenders: Ale, Sahlan, Madun, Epul. Midfielder: Mujahid, Kerambit, Ayie, Shidi, Fariz. Striker: Wan. Subs: Jose, Taufeq, Abe, Kudin, Kalai, Ayie Askar, Kamarul, Farhan, Pak Lah.
Goals: Mujahid 2x, Wan. Assist: Shidi, Kerambit, Fariz. Yellow Cards: Ayie, Shidi

Congratulations Afiq & Maisarah

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Friendly Match: BAT 4 St John Alumni 0

After two consecutive defeats in the Liga Alumni, we had this friendly match to boost the players morale and their fitness. We knew our opponent are not at the same level with us but I took this opportunity to try out new players and strategies. We won well today and I hope our players will be motivated enough for the next Liga Alumni match versus AlumTek next week.

Match stats:
Goalkeeper: Iskandar. Defenders: Kamarul, Ciput, Ayie Askar, Epul. Midfielders: Wan, Amir, Pak Lah, Ayie, Kerambit. Striker: Fazli. Subs: Kudin, Jose, Ale, Rizal, Abe
Goals: Fazli, Wan, Amir, Jose
Assists: Wan, Kerambit, Fazli, Ale

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship - Oulton Park

Today is Awa's birthday and his friend Faizul decided to bring him to watch the BTCC race at the Oulton Park. I have nothing to do that day so I tagged along. The weather is not particularly good and it has been lightly raining since morning, a stark contrast to the sunny weather the day before. The BTCC race started in the noon and comprises of three separate races with different type of races in between. What struck me most is that the spectators area are quite close to the track to the extent that we can smell the rubbers. The whole area looks like a giant picnic sport where everybody bringing along their grandparents and the kids. I even saw a couple bringing a baby to watch the race. We watched the first two races and was thoroughly enjoyed it especially the second one when both leading Honda cars collided with one another at the final corner of the last lap of the race. Then it's getting real cold and we decided to drive back to Cheshire Oaks for some last minute shopping. I managed to buy a Mulberry wallet for Jo at a discounted price. Hope she will like it.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Football Bliss

Watching an England game while playing Football Manager 2011, what more can I ask, 
except that maybe I would love to see England win that game.

A badminton day in Liverpool

John and Sham invited me to play badminton today at 10 o'clock in the morning and even though I'm currently in Manchester, I decided to drive all the way to Liverpool to join them. I quite enjoyed the session with them last Saturday and really looking forward for this one. There were seven of us and we had a session for two hours. Afterwards John and Sham took me to this Yemeni restaurant for lunch. I ordered a meal named Salta and it tastes very nice despite its look. I have no idea what exactly the ingredients for Salta but it does bring out the best of Yemeni dish. 

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ichiban Noodle Rice and Grill Restaurant, Rusholme, Manchester

Of all many halal restaurants in Rusholme, Awa took me to this Japanese restaurant to try out the aromatic crispy duck starter dish. I was a bit apprehensive at first but the duck tastes nice especially when it wrapped with a thin rice paper. For the main meal I ordered a chow mein noodles and it is simply delicious.

We are the Champions! 19 times!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Visiting friends in Lancaster

A day before my viva voce examination, Awa and I decided to pay a visit to our friends in Lancaster. Our first stop is Bong & Yana's house. Azrul and Nita joined us for the lunch and afterwards we went to the university campus to stop by at Rizal's house. He was busy packing and there were many Malaysians in his house including Tun and Saidatul. After that it's time to go back to Liverpool to prepare for my viva.