Sunday, July 17, 2011

Liga Alumni 2011 Division One Fourth League Match: BAT 0 SMACH 4

After the last match victory against AlumTek, we are facing our toughest opponent yet in the league, SMACH. We held against their penetrating attacks quite well in the first half but our opponent took advantage of confusions over a free kick and scored their first goal. It was a blow to our players' morale and when the second half started we were unable to continue with our earlier momentum and SMACH started to pile pressures upon us by scoring one goal after another. It was a match to forget but we knew that by the end of the season, team's position will be decided by the head to head results and that is what we are going to focus right now, by beating our lower ranked opponents such as SJAA and STAROBA when we meet them later.

Match stats:
Goalkeeper: Fairuz. Defenders: Epul, Sahlan, Madun, Pak Lah. Midfielders: Fariz, Kerambit, Mujahid, Shidi. Ayie. Striker: Wan. Subs: Abe, Jose, Ale, Paan, Fazli, Kamarul, Kalai.

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