Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Treats, No Tricks

A Spooky Halloween

Halloween Party at the Pavillion

There is a Halloween party at the Pavilion and everybody is excited. Ilyas and Maisarah are understandably happy but Umi is also excited because she got the opportunity to try her skill in making fancy dresses for both of them. At first she wanted to make a spider dress for Ilyas but he wanted it to be more scary, like a skeleton. Maisarah wanted a really big flower for her dress and she got her wish. 

When we reached the registration counter, there were already many kids with all type of dresses. Soon after that they start their procession covering many levels of the shopping complex, stopping at various shops to ask for treats from the shopkeepers. There were also some activities held along the way such as photo session and sand art. By the time they reach their finishing point, their pumpkin baskets are full with candies and vouchers (something that makes Umi even happier).

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Malaysia Cup Final 2010 - Kelantan 2 Negeri Sembilan 1

What can I say? It was the most memorable Malaysia Cup Final I have ever seen, a historic one too. This is the first time Kelantan won the Cup, since it was first introduced 89 years ago. The atmosphere was electric and turned moody when Negeri Sembilan scored a penalty. However, when Hairudin Omar headed the equaliser, the whole stadium erupted and I can barely hear myself shouting. The crowds getting hyped up and we can no longer sit down on our seats as we are waiting for the winning goal. And when it finally came, we can barely contain our excitement and it's party mood all the way until the final whistle. The fans on my stand even got cheeky by chanting "Hobin Jang Hobin' during the last few minutes of the match. When the match ended, we waited until the players celebrated with the Cup. Finally, I will be able to say 'I was there' if people asked where were you when Kelantan won their first Malaysia Cup.

Malaysia Cup Final 2010 - The Match

Malaysia Cup Final 2010 - The fans

Our Little Museum

We bought a new book case last week and we have been filling it with books, picture albums and some old stuff that I bought from the car boot sale in the UK. There are also some of the things that I had since I was a kid. It's not a finished project yet because I'm going to put my stamp albums in there as well. If I can remember where I put them in the first place.