Friday, October 08, 2010

Muzikal Tun Mahathir

Jo's mum gave us two tickets to watch Muzikal Tun Mahathir at the Istana Budaya and I thought this would be a good opportunity to see my old friend, Morgan Tay in action. He got an acting part in the show but I'm not sure which character he is playing. Unfortunately I found out that he already got another acting commitment on the day we are supposed to watch the show so his part has been taken over by somebody else. Nevertheless we went to the show and found that it was not a bad musical although I think the director can quicken the pace a little bit as not to make it too draggy. The music scores are nice but not memorable enough to last after the show. Some of the actors got great potential and Erra Fazira is a class above the rest. I bought two programme books, one for the Muzikal Tun Mahathir and another one is for Muzikal Tun Perak, which was the first theatre I watched in Istana Budaya back in 2000.

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