Saturday, October 09, 2010

Not under my research expertise

Just bought two new books today. I started with Soccernomics (even though I'm currently reading another book on Tun Mahathir) because it's first chapter is so riveting that I could not let it down until I reached the next chapter. Basically the authors talk about why England never win any major tournament since 1966. Come to think of it, we could ask the same question on our own Harimau squad, why they never win any major tournament since ... hmmm, that's a tough one (SEA Games does not count due to age ruling). The book outlines three major problems affecting England and I think it mirrors the exact things that have been plaguing our own football team; the importance of import players and playing abroad, players' family background and football network. And they found that England are actually not doing bad at all. I wonder if they ever did the statistics on Malaysia they will get the same conclusion.

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