Saturday, October 16, 2010

Training for the Tournament

I received an email several days ago inviting Ilyas to train with other LBJB players this Saturday morning to prepare for the juniors tournament next week. Ilyas is very excited because it has been a while since he played football with his Rhinos teammates. When we reached the field, Ilyas went straight to the field to kick around with his friends. When the coach came, he started the training and before it ends, let the kids to play a 10 minutes match. By the end of the session Ilyas is totally exhausted. I asked him whether he wanted to train next week and he replied positively. 


Izzshah said...

salam bro,..

Ilyas is wearing man city jersey?? switch allegiance bro... heheehhe


Ahmed Razman said...

hahaha... maklumlah rooney maybe nak ke city pulak lepas ni...hehe