Saturday, October 09, 2010

ANSARA Taiping 2 : 3 Reko Clan FC

Today is our third friendly match before the resume of Liga Alumni match next week against VIOBA. Again, our keeper is unavailable and I have to fill in the position even when my fingers still feel numb from the last week match. Today's opponent are actually my old team back when I was playing with my Kajang friends. However, the only person I still recognised is their manager and the current team consisted of young and skillful players. This is proven when they got two quick goals in the first half. I could not do anything to save the first one because the ball went into the top corner of the goal in a flash. I could do something about the second one (like diving) when their striker managed to beat our offside trap and faced me one-to-one but I'm just hoping that he will just shoot right at me (which he didn't).

We started our second half with the same players and formation and got punished by the third goal that went in exactly at the top corner of the post (just like the first goal) which I think even Van der Sar will not be able to do anything about it. We responded by substituting our midfielders  with two attacking minded players and we managed to get back in the game with two successive goals. However our third goal never came by the time the final whistle is blown. Even though we lost to a better team today, I'm still confident we will be able to do a major upset on VIOBA next week, provided I'm not the keeper.

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