Sunday, October 24, 2010

Taman Kajang Raya Football Tournament

This morning Ilyas participated in the football tournament organised by some of the people from the LBJB. Even though there were four teams competing in Under 12 category, Under 9 has only two teams registered for it. So the organiser decided to make it into an exhibition match with four quarters of 15 minutes playing time. Ilyas was in the LBJB team and their opponent hail from Kajang.

In the first quarter LBJB were 1-3 behind and things got worse by the end of the second quarter as LBJB were trailing 1-8. During this time Ilyas only played for a limited time as a defender. In the third quarter the coach decided to play Ilyas in the beginning and for the first time LBJB didn't concede any goal and the score was 2-8. The coach was probably impressed with Ilyas and he asked him to remain on the field for the last quarter. However, there was nothing he could do as both sides traded goals after another. In the end LBJB team were beaten 4-12.

It was a good practice for the LBJB team as they are actually preparing for the actual tournament to be held next week in Shah Alam. This could be the first away trip for Ilyas when playing in the football tournament. I'm not sure which one is more excited, him or me.

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