Sunday, November 30, 2008

A frozen drink

I put a cup filled with fruit juice on a table outside the house overnight. This morning, it completely frozen. Luckily today's weather is quite fine with plenty of sunshine. However, my laptop here shows a temperature of -2 degree for Liverpool. Well, I'm planning to take the kids outside anyway. Just to have some fresh (and cold) air.

Silent Treatment by Wales

"In the 2008 Rugby Autumn Tests, Wales responded to the haka by standing on the pitch refusing to move until the All Blacks did. This resulted in the referee Jonathan Kaplan berating both teams for a full two minutes after the haka had ended until eventually New Zealand captain McCaw instructed his team to break off. After a spirited first half display which ended with Wales leading 9 - 6, the All Blacks responded positively and won the game 9 - 29." 

Source from Wikipedia.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

Gerenti Pass

My monthly bus pass and student card

My driving lessons package

After a long wait I have finally received my student card. Now I can have access to the university library and databases and resume my data collection. I can also apply for my bus pass (which I just did today) and in the mean time I have also registered for the driving lessons. I'm hoping that by the end of this year I will be fully prepared to get the British full license. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Future Football Stars

Ilyas' picture from his Mini Soccer course just arrived last Friday. He is definitely looks proud and happy.


Today I played a tennis match with some guys here in Liverpool for the first time since three years ago. I used to be the UPM staff captain and compete regularly for the inter-varsity tournaments back in Malaysia. But when I knew that I'm going to Lancaster, I decided to give away my rackets and everything because the courts in Lancaster are simply terrible. And I don't fancy playing it outdoors under the mercy of the British weather. 

But here in Liverpool they play the tennis indoors, which is why I am beginning to think about a comeback. However, in this very first match, I managed to injured my partner, which happens to be the 'penghulu' of the Malaysians here in Liverpool. Kena buang daerah lah lepas ni!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Liverpool Malaysian Games 2008

The tournament in progress

The organiser and the finalists

The champions?

Today is the annual Liverpool Games and there are three sports on offer; futsal, badminton and netball. Since Awa is playing futsal with Liverpool team, I asked Huzaini to partner me in the men doubles. We registered as a Lancaster team and the tournament is supposed to start at 12 noon. However due to delays in netball matches, the tournament only started after 1 o'clock.

There are 13 doubles and four group. In our group there are 3 doubles including us. In the first game we were quite nervous and were behind 5-11 at one time but finally we managed to win 21-17 against the Liverpool doubles. The second game is against Cheetam Hill doubles and we won 21-16 which qualifies us to the semi final. We were quite lucky to face Glasgow doubles in the semi and won easily 21-11 and 21-14. 

The other semifinalists were quite good, a young doubles from Sunderland against the Cheetam Hill veterans. Eventually through skill and patience those veterans managed to get a win and ready to face us in the final.

However, the sports centre where we are playing had to close so there is no final match. Huzaini asked to flip a coin to determine the winner but eventually we decided to share one gold and one silver medals for each double. It's a good deal since I'm not sure we can beat those veterans :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ilyas completed his Mini Soccer course

Certificate for Ilyas

Liverpool Youth vs Everton Youth

This derby was won by the Reds with a 2-0 scoreline

Indoor turf where Ilyas is playing

Today is Ilyas second and final session for his Mini Soccer at the Liverpool FC Academy. We arrived about half an hour early but there was a local derby underway between Liverpool Youth and Everton Youth so we spent time together watching the match. Afterwards we went inside for the session. 

This time the coach decided to give the boys as many games as they want so it's one hour of running around kicking the ball really. Ilyas didn't score any goal today but he looks real tired. After a little certificate handing ceremony we went home and he immediately fell asleep in the taxi. He said he really loves to play football again. I read the pamphlet about 3 days soccer camp organised by the LFC Academy and it costs about £70. Should I?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Third time lucky

After losing to him twice (24-25 and 23-25) I finally managed to beat Steve Kong and it was a close one. At one time I was leading 23-16 and yet he managed to tie the game at 24-24. Now I know his feeling during our second match when he was leading 21-14 and narrowly wins at 25-23. But in our first match, I was leading 23-11 and he still win. So I'm going to invite him for our next match as there is still some scores to settle. :)

Anything is possible

Monday, November 10, 2008

Academic Salaries

History of jersey designs

I found this amusing picture at where you can choose any English and Scottish clubs and take a look into their interesting evolution of their shirts design. Absolutely fantastic!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Visitors from Manchester

Yesterday Ajim and family visited us from Manchester. They arrived in the UK last month and last time they were here was when all of us were the undergraduate students back in 1995. We were all young and single at that time but now there are quite a few additions. Ilyas and Maisarah were quite excited because they have new friends to play with them. Looks like we have to plan a trip to Manchester some day.

Another new map

How come when I just finished all the maps on offer in they decided to introduce a new one? Luckily this time it's only one new map and I'm already on it.

Maisarah enrols in a ballet class

Today Maisarah went to a ballet class. She likes them so much and not afraid to try every dance moves. The instructor said that she learnt pretty fast compared to other students who have attended several more sessions than her. I think her mother already bought her ballet shoes through EBay.

Ilyas trains in Liverpool FC Academy

This is the indoor football training area where Ilyas had his course

Today Ilyas and I went to the Liverpool FC Academy to attend the Mini Soccer Course. About 22 other boys were there and all of them wear the red, grey or white Liverpool jerseys except Ilyas and another boy who wear England shirts. One of the trainers immediately suspected that Ilyas supports Everton and he just smiled (luckily he didn't mention to the coach that he supported Manchester United!). The parents are not allowed to take any photograph inside their training area so I can just sit and watch them do the training drills for the boys.

They separated the boys to several groups and teach them on how to dribble, juggle and all sort of football skills. Afterwards they held little matches among these groups. Ilyas was in the white group and they faced the green group. A couple of boys in the green group were quite good and they were always attacking. Ilyas was a bit confused at first and his first attempt was actually towards his own goal! But afterwards he just chase the ball and was making effort to score a goal. I think the white group were behind by a goal or two when suddenly the ball came rolling to Ilyas. He suddenly ran as fast as he can with the ball towards the goal and gave it a mighty kick towards the keeper and it's a GOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! The audience including the trainer were quite impressed and they all clapped. I think that was Ilyas's greatest moment during the training.

He then played for another half an hour which makes him pretty much exhausted towards the end. Another trainer remarked to him that he's a good tackler. I'm pretty sure he will be looking forward to his next session.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Ilyas won a bubbles prize yesterday in his school for writing sentences neatly. Nice of him to share it with Maisarah and they had fun playing with bubbles together.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Sarah's new uniform

I think her mummy is a pretty bit excited when Maisarah enrols into a new school. The new uniforms arrived two days ago and today she looks absolutely brilliant!

Baking cakes together