Sunday, April 17, 2011

LBJB 2011 League Match Six: Eagles 0-0 Hawks

Eagles are hoping to bounce back from their last weekend defeat to Harriers by repeating their victory over Hawks in the first round. However, Hawks have another idea. They have already beaten Harriers and drew with Falcons in the last two matches and they are not going to give in easily to Eagles. Without Hadif who scored two goals against Harriers, Eagles were finding it hard to put in the ball into the goal. There were many chances in every quarter but nothing to be celebrated about. In the last quarter Eagles went out for an all out attack. I thought Naufal did scored a winning goal, and most of the players thought the same but apparently the ball hit the post and bounced out. In the end Hawks continued their fine form by remaining unbeaten in the second round. Meanwhile Harriers demolished Falcons 6-0 and closed the gap with Eagles to only 3 points. Third round is going to be very interesting indeed.

League standings: Eagles (13 points) Harriers (10 points) Falcons (5 points) Hawks (5 points)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Hard Day's Night

Klang Valley Mini League 2011 Fourth Match: BAT 1 - 3 SS7 FC

Our opponent today hail from Kelana Jaya and given that they managed to beat Shah Alam FC a few weeks ago, it is going to be an uphill battle for us. Things do not look bright for us when they took a lead in the first half. However a brilliant pass from Sahlan found Shaz's foot at the edge of the penalty box and he let in a thunderous shot right into the bottom right corner of the goal. The first half ended 1-1 and we started to think that there is a slight chance of us winning this match.

That hope was brutally squashed in the second half when SS7 FC put in two more goals through some slick passings right in the middle. We did not have a high expectation from this match so the best thing to do is to concentrate on our last league match next Saturday which will decides whether we are qualified to enter the knock out stage or not.
Match stats:
Joe (GK), Madun, Sahlan, Kamarul, Epul, Pak Lah (Defenders), Ayie, Shidi, Mujahid, Shaz, Jose, Zainal, Kalai MCOBA (Midfielders) Fazli (Striker) Firdaus, Asyraf, Abe (Unused subs)
Goal: Shaz
Assist: Sahlan
Yellow cards: Kalai MCOBA and Shidi

Rosalinda - Welcome to Malaysia

I think she sings this song in English because somewhere during this song she said 'Happy is in your hand'...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Restoran Haji Sharin Low, Sungai Merab

Tonight Lalan suggested that we should have dinner at this new restaurant situated along the road to Sungai Merab. This restaurant has just started operating about a month ago and Lalan was commisioned to design some of its interior decoration such as its wallpaper and the cashier counter. We ordered the meal set for 8 which consisted of a Kerapu steamed, prawn butter, vegetables with mushrooms, honey lime chicken and beef dishes among others. Overall, the food is satisfactory as most of the dishes plates were wiped clean. Total bill for 8 persons (plus 2 kids and a baby) equals to RM200 which surprises me because it is definitely a good bargain.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Master of all trades?

I wonder if he can help me do the marking of students' exam papers

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shop Vac (kinetic typography animation)

Happy 8th Birthday Hakiemi!

A gift from Ilyas to his football teammate and neighbour, a remote control Ferrari car

LBJB 2011 League Match Five: Eagles 2-3 Harriers

Before this match, Eagles are top of the league with 12 points and 8 points clear from the nearest rival. The confidence was high and only one player could not make it to this match. In the earlier match, Falcons can only drew 0-0 with Hawks so they are still 7 points behind Eagles. Eagles' opponent this time was Harriers, who got beaten 0-2 by Hawks last weekend. But this time their goalkeeper is back. And that's make a difference. 

Harriers got the first goal during the first quarter and added another in the second quarter. Hadif managed to close the gap by scoring the first goal for Eagles in the second quarter. However we suffered a setback when Harriers scored another goal in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter I put all my attacking players on the pitch but unfortunately we could only managed to add only one goal through Hadif. 

Suddenly Eagles are no longer invicible. Hopefully we will get our winning way when we meet Hawks next Sunday. Current standings: Eagles 12 points, Harriers 7 points, Falcons 5 points, Hawks 4 points.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Klang Valley Mini League 2011 Third Match: BAT 2 - 3 Shah Alam FC

I have experienced many dissapointments since I first managed BAT back in 2003. And today's match was more than a dissapointment because of so many things. First, we lost 2-3 after leading 1-0 through a goal by Kerambit. But that was OK because losing a match is quite normal although we do not want it to be a common occurence. However there are two things that I still could not get my head over with; we lost to a team who only had 10 players on the field throughout the match (in the first 10 minutes of the first half they have nine players), and the fact that so many of our players cannot make it to this match that we had to import 4 new players at the last minute. Only 10 BAT players can make it, and that's include me and an injured Madun. So with these 4 import players we are left with only one fit substitute. As a consequence of this, team communication on the field was being hampered because not everybody knows everyone. I texted more than 30 players on my contact list and only 9 are available. It's very difficult to believe that everyone is injured or unavailable. I can think one probable reason for this; this match was held at Setia Alam and not everyone is willing to travel this far especially for those who are living in Bangi. Our next match will be held in Bangi and I will be very surprised if only 10 players are available.

Match Stats:
Goals (Kerambit and Fazli)
Assist (Mujahid)
Firdaus (GK), Madun, Shazli, Shahrin, Fazli, Ciput, Shidi (Defenders), Ayie, Kerambit, Mujahid, Sogol, Kalai (Midfielders) Fazli (Striker) Abe (Unused sub)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Restoran Sekinchan Ikan Bakar, Jalan Reko, Kajang

There is a new restaurant opening up along Jalan Reko and it seems that it always full with customers. We were curious and decided to give it a try. I think Restoran Sekinchan Ikan Bakar is a franchise because there are several others restaurants operating with a similar name in Setiawangsa and Subang Jaya. We ordered 'Ikan Kembung Bakar' and some other seafood to complement it. The food is simply delicious and the sauce is exceptional. Now we know why it is always full with customers.

LBJB 2011 League Match Four: Eagles 2-1 Falcons

Eagles are the team to beat now because at the moment they are top of the league with a maximum nine points from three matches. If Falcons managed to beat Eagles in this match, they will reduce the gap to only two points between them. However, we are quite confident that will not happen because Eagles came with full squad whereas Falcons do not have any substitute with them. So our strategy was to put the strongest formation for the fourth quarter.

Things went quite well when our top striker, Hakiemi scored the first goal during the second quarter. Suddenly Falcons responded back with a goal in the third quarter. And our tactics paid off in the fourth quarter when Adam scored the winning goal. But it was still a nerve wrecking match. With Hawks winning their first match against Harriers, Eagles now are eight points clear from their nearest challenger. But we are not going to take it easy because there are five more league matches to go and in football, anything can happens.