Saturday, April 09, 2011

Klang Valley Mini League 2011 Third Match: BAT 2 - 3 Shah Alam FC

I have experienced many dissapointments since I first managed BAT back in 2003. And today's match was more than a dissapointment because of so many things. First, we lost 2-3 after leading 1-0 through a goal by Kerambit. But that was OK because losing a match is quite normal although we do not want it to be a common occurence. However there are two things that I still could not get my head over with; we lost to a team who only had 10 players on the field throughout the match (in the first 10 minutes of the first half they have nine players), and the fact that so many of our players cannot make it to this match that we had to import 4 new players at the last minute. Only 10 BAT players can make it, and that's include me and an injured Madun. So with these 4 import players we are left with only one fit substitute. As a consequence of this, team communication on the field was being hampered because not everybody knows everyone. I texted more than 30 players on my contact list and only 9 are available. It's very difficult to believe that everyone is injured or unavailable. I can think one probable reason for this; this match was held at Setia Alam and not everyone is willing to travel this far especially for those who are living in Bangi. Our next match will be held in Bangi and I will be very surprised if only 10 players are available.

Match Stats:
Goals (Kerambit and Fazli)
Assist (Mujahid)
Firdaus (GK), Madun, Shazli, Shahrin, Fazli, Ciput, Shidi (Defenders), Ayie, Kerambit, Mujahid, Sogol, Kalai (Midfielders) Fazli (Striker) Abe (Unused sub)

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