Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Exciting Friendly Match

I received an invitation to play a friendly match with my old friend's team. Nik Shazwan suggested that we play in Shah Alam but we were a bit reluctant because it was too far away. Thus I was surprised when his team are willing to come over to Serdang to play with us. 

This time we got 15 players so I decided to become supersub. The match started quite disastrously for us when we conceded an early goal in the first minute. However we were back on track when Jose equalised by doing a nutmeg move on the keeper. We thought that will give us a breather but their striker has another idea. A fine volley towards the edge of the goal post is simply too much for our keeper so the opponent maintain their one goal lead towards the end of the first half.

The second half started like in the first half; we conceded another early goal, this time through a free kick. I have had enough and decided to get into the play. Few minutes after that we managed to get a goal when one of our midfielders managed to beat their offside trap and slip the ball between their keeper and the goal post. Another goal came for us when our defender managed to squeeze in the ball from a tight angle. In the end we finished the match with a 3-3 draw. We are quite lucky not to lose this match because our keeper has been superb by saving lots of point blank shots and attempts.

Launching Our Online Garage Sale

Our house is getting crowded as we took some of our UK boxes from Mama Tok's house into ours. So we decided to sell them off at a very low price because the priority is not making a profit but making more space to our house. I have posted pictures of around 40 items in my Facebook photos and they are mostly Maisarah and Ilyas stuff. Jo haven't posted her stuff yet. And I'm not sure if I have my own stuff to sell...(sayang.....).

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Visitors from Pusing

We had visitors today from Perak. Teena, our old schoolmate, and her family called Jo this morning if they can come to our house. We immediately said yes and the next hour we cleaned up our house from top to the bottom. What a really great motivation for us to tidy up the house!

Breakfast at Old Timer Cafe

We have been breakfast at 'Mamak' stall for many weekends now so I decided to the whole family to this new cafe, Old Timer Cafe. Their specialty is 'lempeng' with 'sambal'. We also decided some other food there like 'nasi lemak', 'meehoon sup' and 'roti bakar'. Their 'lempeng' and 'nasi lemak' are quite delicious and I like their 'sambal' because it's not too spicy.

The Opening of A New Garden Plot

Today is the launching of a new garden plot in our back garden. Some of the plants in this plot are three types of chillies, chives, watermelon, lettuce, turmeric and two types of beans. Maisarah helped me planting the seeds this morning and Mama Tok did the honour as the first person to water these plants.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Maisarah and her Zinnias

Today another bunch of Maisarah's flowers have started to bloom and she is quite excited because this time it is the pink Zinnias. She is still waiting for the bees to visit her flowers. So far I saw a dragonfly, not as exciting as the bees I guess.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Congratulations Maisarah

She said she doesn't want to smile because she is sleepy. :)

We received a good news today. Maisarah has been admitted to Elite Readers Club of Little Caliphs by completing her Bahasa Melayu book series. She received a certificate, a story book on Prophet Musa A.S. and a box of chocolate. Next stage for her is to complete her English book series.We are really proud of her.

Dinner at PappaRich

Finally, Tok Ayah got some free time to celebrate Mama Tok's birthday and tonight we managed to have a dinner together. This time we are trying the new place called PappaRich in Bandar Baru Bangi. I love their selection of drinks. The 'kuey teow goreng' that I ordered is delicious and the Soya Milk Ice with Jelly is something new. And Ilyas simply loves his drink, Milo Dinosaur!

Just Great

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mid Term Exam Part Two

Ilyas has just finished taking his 'KAFA Ujian Pertengahan Penggal Kedua' and the results are  generally very good. He has shown tremendous improvements in his Arabic Language (from 76% to 97%) and Fiqah (from 66% to 79%). His Jawi (from 90% to 92%) and Sirah (from 82% to 88%) have also remain in top marks. However, his Akhlak (from 96% to 76%) and Tauhid (from 76% to 62%) marks have gone down. Average mark has also improved from 81% to 82.3%. Well done Ilyas! We hope you will do even better for the next exam. During the first test, we didn't know his strong and weak subjects. At least now we know which subjects he should focus upon for the next time.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Huge Pizza from Yellow Cab Pizza

Bubble Girl

Imran and Kashief's Birthday Party

After having fun at the Desa Waterpark, we went to the birthday party of our friends' sons. Ilyas fell asleep by the time we arrived, presumably too tired after playing in the pool. Fortunately he woke up just in time for the magic show performed by two clowns. Both Ilyas and Maisarah were sporting enough to be the clowns' little helpers.