Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poor Drainage System

Today whilst waiting for Ilyas, I took several pictures of the flood in front of his school that is becoming more and more often every time it rains heavily. When I climb out from my car, I saw even the headmaster is taking the pictures of the flood. He told me that he already complained to PKNS but they said that it's not their responsibility and the local council should do something about it. So I guess he's going to bring these pictures to the local council then. In the mean time, the pupils are having fun playing with the water. Except Ilyas, too dirty, I told him.


@dik-nick said...

pesal seksyen 7 asyik banjir je

Ahmed Razman said...

sebab longkangnya kecil dan air tak dapat mengalir ke tampat lain. lagipun area tu paling rendah jadi air pun susah nak mengalir keluar