Sunday, May 09, 2010

We are Inter

Today is our third match of the pre-season tournament and we will be facing FarisPetra from Kelantan. It is just one of those days where so many key players are unable to make it due to family or work commitments. In the end there are only 11 players came and that's include me. So we started the match with a 4-5-1 formation with me playing as a lone striker.

The first half started well for us when Kerambit, our midfielder, managed to steal the ball from the opponent's goalkeeper and scored. However, that goal seems to motivate FarisPetra and they kept the pressure continuously and were rewarded with two quick goals. Things are not looking good for us when Jose, our attacking midfielder, were injured and unable to continue. Luckily we have one substitute who came late and we managed to play with 11 players on the field. 

In the second half, FarisPetra tried to get another goal to get a two-goals advantage and they nearly succeeded. At this point another player of us is injured and had to be carried off the pitch. One of our defenders is also injured but he managed to continue. And then another defender of ours had to go home because he had to catch a flight at 9.30pm. So there are only 9 players remain on the team and we are still a goal behind. 

So what do we do? To continue attack them, of course. I kept harassing the last defender and he is so distracted that Kerambit managed to sneak past him and also their goalkeeper to score an equaliser. After that we became ultra defensive until the final whistle. 

This is the best 2-2 draw I've ever had!

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