Monday, May 24, 2010

Mid Term Exam Part Two

Ilyas has just finished taking his 'KAFA Ujian Pertengahan Penggal Kedua' and the results are  generally very good. He has shown tremendous improvements in his Arabic Language (from 76% to 97%) and Fiqah (from 66% to 79%). His Jawi (from 90% to 92%) and Sirah (from 82% to 88%) have also remain in top marks. However, his Akhlak (from 96% to 76%) and Tauhid (from 76% to 62%) marks have gone down. Average mark has also improved from 81% to 82.3%. Well done Ilyas! We hope you will do even better for the next exam. During the first test, we didn't know his strong and weak subjects. At least now we know which subjects he should focus upon for the next time.

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