Saturday, May 15, 2010

LBJB One Day Tournament (Morning Session)

Today all plates are swiped clean and every team has a chance to become the champions of LBJB One Day Tournament. The rules are the same except that this time each match only consisted of two quarters, so early goal is very important. Rhinos' first opponent was Beavers and we were lucky to get a goal from Eeman and secured our first win. However, we were beaten by the league champions, Tigers, also by a single goal. We need to defeat Panthers in order to reach the final. This time the match remains scoreless so it's penalty time. Suddenly our reliable goalkeeper had a stage fright so we had to make do with our second keeper. In the end we were a bit unlucky when none of our strikers managed to score the penalty. So in the end we will be fighting for third place in the night session of the One Day Tournament. After all the matches are finished, there is a prize giving ceremony for the league tournament participants. Ilyas is very happy because he said this is his first football medal.

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