Friday, May 07, 2010

Blood Test

I'm having a persistent headache for the past few days (now I'm better now) so I thought of getting a blood pressure test with the doctor. The reading for the first one is 130 so I thought I'd better get a second opinion. The next day I went to UPM Health Centre and the reading is now 133. Since I'm there already, I wanted to test my blood sugar level but unfortunately I need to fast from the night before. So today I went to UPM Health Centre again to test for my blood sugar and cholesterol level. My blood pressure by now has decreasing to 116 which is a relief. 

When I got the resuls, I'm quite relieved to see my blood sugar level (4.7) is within the lower part of normal range (4.2 to 6.4). However, my cholesterol level (5.67) is a bit higher than normal, which is below 5.17. The doctor advised me against eating durian fruits. I have been watching my drinking habit lately so I guess now is the time to focus on my eating habit as well.

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