Monday, May 30, 2011

Visiting friends in Lancaster

A day before my viva voce examination, Awa and I decided to pay a visit to our friends in Lancaster. Our first stop is Bong & Yana's house. Azrul and Nita joined us for the lunch and afterwards we went to the university campus to stop by at Rizal's house. He was busy packing and there were many Malaysians in his house including Tun and Saidatul. After that it's time to go back to Liverpool to prepare for my viva.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Muzdalfa Fried Chicken, Seri Bangi

This restaurant is one of the latest addition of eating place in Bandar Baru Bangi and we simply had to give it a try. The concept is based on the Western style fast food franchise restaurant. What makes them different than the established ones are in term of the variety of foods on offer. The MFC is like a combination of KFC and Pizza Hut, plus a few meals of kebabs and rice. The fried chicken itself are quite small in proportion to KFC's. However, since the price is slightly cheaper than KFC you would expect this kind of discount on size.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Klang Valley League Classification Match, ILSAS B - BAT 5 - 1 Starjets

Last weekend the match was abandoned because the referees forgot to come. We ended up playing a friendly match with our opponents, Starjets and still won 2-1. However, today is the real thing and with most of our first eleven players came for this match, we should do even better. And it was proven when Mujahid scored a brace in the first half with assists from Eby and Shidi. Starjets tried to fight back with a goal in the second half but we restored our two goals lead when Kerambit scored a beautiful goal through a passing by Ayie. He added another one with an assist by Jose and then reciprocated the help by assisting Jose's goal.

I think this is one of our best performance so far in the Klang Valley league. Next weekend we will be facing Shah Alam FC for the 5th and 6th placing. Hopefully we will maintain this winning momentum.

Squad stats:
GK: Shaz. Defenders: Kamarul, Ciput, Taufeq, Epul. Midfielders: Shidi, Kerambit, Ayie, Mujahid, Eby. Striker: Jose. Subs: Firdaus. Unused Subs: Abe, Madun

LBJB 2011 League Match Nine: Eagles 2-0 Hawks

With Eagles leading only by one point, this last league match is the most important match of them all. Eagles must win to secure the championship because Harriers have no problem in beating Falcons for their last league match. Hawks also needed a win to ensure they do not finish bottom of the league. So when the match started, both teams were quite nervous but it did not take long for Eagles to take a lead. In the second quarter, Afiq finally managed to put his name on the score sheet through a precise shot to the top left of the goal. An own goal by one of the Hawks players provided a great relief to the Eagles. Hisham of Hawks nearly halved the advantage in the fourth quarter but his shot went wide. In the end, Eagles are crowned champions of the Junior Division of the LBJB with Harriers in the second place, Hawks in the third and Falcons at the bottom. As predicted, Harriers beaten Falcons by the same scoreline in following match after that.

Next weekend all teams will be participating in the One Day Tournament and it will really makes my day if Eagles can do the Doubles.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Friendly Match: LBJB Coaches & Parents 2-5 Bandar Seri Putra Veterans

This is the first time LBJB coaches and parents put together a football team to play in a friendly match with a veteran team from Bandar Seri Putra. The kids now have the opportunity to see their coaches to play football and to really find out if what they have learned so far are really practiced by their coaches. I play attacking role in the first half and we managed to get a lead through a goal by Emeel, a Major coach for Barracudas team. In the second half we changed nine of our players but we still maintained the lead although the score line is now 2-1. I got into the field again in the third half but most of us were running out of steam and we let in four successive goals without really putting up a fight. 

It was a good friendly match and I asked for this kind of match to be held more often. 

LBJB 2011 League Match Eight: Eagles 1-1 Harriers

Eagles lead has been cut down to one point and today they are facing their most toughest opponent, a second placed Harriers. Anything less than a draw will hand the title of league champions to Harriers and for the first time ever I had to change the team tactic. Eagles started the match with a very defensive mindset. We practically have three defenders sitting deep in our own half because we knew Harriers have two speedy attackers. However, in the third quarter something spectacular happened. From out of nothing Ilyas let loose a thunderous volley from his own half straight into the goal of Harriers. Firdaus managed to capture that moment in the video and Ilyas will definitely have something to watch over and over again for the next few years. Harriers responded by doubling their attack and Ilyas again did something that he never had done in the fourth quarter, which is letting in a goal. The match ended 1-1 and frankly I am quite happy with the result. In other match Hawks managed to beat Falcons 1-0.