Sunday, May 15, 2011

LBJB 2011 League Match Nine: Eagles 2-0 Hawks

With Eagles leading only by one point, this last league match is the most important match of them all. Eagles must win to secure the championship because Harriers have no problem in beating Falcons for their last league match. Hawks also needed a win to ensure they do not finish bottom of the league. So when the match started, both teams were quite nervous but it did not take long for Eagles to take a lead. In the second quarter, Afiq finally managed to put his name on the score sheet through a precise shot to the top left of the goal. An own goal by one of the Hawks players provided a great relief to the Eagles. Hisham of Hawks nearly halved the advantage in the fourth quarter but his shot went wide. In the end, Eagles are crowned champions of the Junior Division of the LBJB with Harriers in the second place, Hawks in the third and Falcons at the bottom. As predicted, Harriers beaten Falcons by the same scoreline in following match after that.

Next weekend all teams will be participating in the One Day Tournament and it will really makes my day if Eagles can do the Doubles.

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