Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life as a Cokmar Bearer

 Inside the Pro Chancellor room
 Private room for the Pro Chancellors
 Dining area
 Robes room
 7th session Cokmar bearer
 My view from the stage
Lunch after the event

Today is very interesting because I have been nominated by my dean to become the Cokmar bearer for the 7th session of the UPM 34th convocation. I came early and took the opportunity to familiarise myself with that 8kg 'stick'. When the occasion came, I just kept my face straight, look forward, walk slowly in between the pro-chancellors and the vice chancellor, try not to look excited and just follow the procedure. When it's time to sit down, I discovered that the hall has a WiFi network and I took the opportunity to update my Facebook status. When it's time for me to carry again the Cokmar, I had to really concentrate because this time I will be leading the rest of the group. For a few moment I felt like a superstar especially towards the end of the hall due to the constant bombardment of the cameras flashes, mostly by the proud parents. It's a nice experience I would say, and I hope some of my colleagues will get their moment too in the next convocation.

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