Sunday, June 05, 2011

Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship - Oulton Park

Today is Awa's birthday and his friend Faizul decided to bring him to watch the BTCC race at the Oulton Park. I have nothing to do that day so I tagged along. The weather is not particularly good and it has been lightly raining since morning, a stark contrast to the sunny weather the day before. The BTCC race started in the noon and comprises of three separate races with different type of races in between. What struck me most is that the spectators area are quite close to the track to the extent that we can smell the rubbers. The whole area looks like a giant picnic sport where everybody bringing along their grandparents and the kids. I even saw a couple bringing a baby to watch the race. We watched the first two races and was thoroughly enjoyed it especially the second one when both leading Honda cars collided with one another at the final corner of the last lap of the race. Then it's getting real cold and we decided to drive back to Cheshire Oaks for some last minute shopping. I managed to buy a Mulberry wallet for Jo at a discounted price. Hope she will like it.

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