Sunday, February 20, 2011

LBJB 2011 League Match One: Eagles 3-2 Falcons

Today is the first league match and Eagles are facing Falcons, who won against Eagles with the score of 4-1 just a week ago in the exhibition match. At first, things did not look promising when Falcons scored an early goal through a freekick. Then it got worse when one of our players, Hadif scored an own goal by mistake. However, I have a full confidence on Eagles to make a comeback because Falcons are playing without many substitute players so they will get tired during the third and fourth quarters whereas Eagles have plenty of backup players.

And this is exactly what is happening when Eagles did an ultimate comeback by scoring three goals through a brace by Hakiemi and a goal by Adam. Hakiemi was actually suffering from a fever and he became the hero of the team by displaying a never give up attitude. The parents of Eagles players also gave full support by wearing the supporter shirts much to the bemusement of the parents from other teams.

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