Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Akademi Syarahan FEP

I received a call from my department few days ago asking me if I want to participate in the annual event hosted by our faculty, Akademi Syarahan. This event follows the format of Akademi Fantasia, the famous entertainment reality show in Malaysia. However, instead of singing and dancing, the participants in Akademi Syarahan had to give lectures of their subject matters in front of the audience. The audience will cast their vote and in addition there will be three judges to cast their professional votes. Since there will be prizes for all participants, I agreed to compete. Besides, I could learn on how to better my lecture presentation. There are four participants, representing four departments in the faculty. 

I didn't realise that it can be tough to present your lecture and these judges from the Education Faculty managed to point out lots of mistakes that I made. I thanked them and when the results was announced, I got third place. For that I received a certificate, a souvenir and RM100. Not bad for a 10 minute lecture of your subject.

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