Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Julie's Car Accident

I was attending my faculty meeting when I received an SMS from Jo. Her younger sister, Julie had a car accident and she is currently in Putrajaya Hospital. No one knows her status and her mother and brother are already on the way to the hospital. I rushed to the hospital and after half an hour, Julie emerged from the X-Ray room looking rather fine. Apparently she was driving to work and was on the elevated highway when she lost control of the car. The car went upside down but luckily it was not hit by other nearby cars. She managed to crawl out from the car and within five minutes the paramedic is already at the scene. She is indeed quite lucky to remain unharmed after the ordeal albeit with some scratches on her elbow and knee. The car is a complete wreck but the mechanic insisted that they can restore it back to original condition. I don't think Julie will drive that car again and would rather sell it in the market.

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