Sunday, March 28, 2010

Train Ride

Maisarah has been asking us when she can get on the train ride like Umi who is doing it every workday. So today we decided to go visit Tok by taking Komuter and Rapid KL train rides. First, we will take a Komuter train from UKM station towards KL Sentral. Then we are going to change train to Rapid KL train and will stop at Ampang Park station. Maisarah is really excited but we were surprised to see that the train is packed with people throughout the journey. By the time for us to go home, everybody is getting tired and the inside of the train is getting hotter (I'm not sure whether the air conditioner is broken or there is simply no such thing inside the train) and Ilyas is getting cranky. I hope Maisarah is happy with this train ride and will not ask for another one in the near future!

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