Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sakoteng hanjuang

I went to one of the offices in my faculty and came across this strange looking packet over the counter. The staff there let me take it home. It came from Indonesia and this is what I figure is the ingredients:

"Komposisi: Gula palem, gula putih, krim, jahe, Sokade, Kelapa, kismis, jeruk, rempah-rempah"

And it's instructions are like this: 

"Untuk mendapatkan hasil yang terbaik, campurkan 1 bungkus SAKOTENG HANJUANG dengan 150 cc. (1 cangkir) air mendidih. Aduk hingga rata, diamkan sejenak, dan siap disajikan."

I did exactly what it says on the packet and guess what, it's actually a hybrid of ginger tea and leng chee kang! And it tastes delicious! Mental note: Must keep visiting that office again.

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Admin Hanjuang said...

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