Sunday, March 28, 2010

LBJB Fifth League Match

Today is the first time the Rhinos are without their first coach and I have to be in charge for the first time. Of all the opponents in the league we had to face Tigers. Although we drew 1-1 during our first league match against them, we were beaten 1-6 during the practice round. And guess what, this time we were again trashed by them 1-6. Hisham scored the solitary goal and when he missed a penalty, we knew that luck is not on our side. Afterwards Panthers beaten Beavers with a scoreline of 4-0. That's mean Tigers is finally on top of the league with 9 points, Rhinos second with 8 points and Panthers getting nearer with 6 points. Beavers remain rooted at the bottom with 2 points. Next week we will be meeting Beavers and it's a good time to move further away from Panthers as they will be facing Tigers. Let's hope Coach Hassan will be available this time.

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