Sunday, March 21, 2010

LBJB Fourth League Match

After the end of the first round, Rhinos are on top of the league with two wins and a draw, with Tigers on the second place with a win and two draws. This morning Rhinos are facing Panthers which is the only team that actually managed to beat Rhinos but was awarded a 0-3 lose instead due to the violation of the league rules. We are without Haziq, a proven goalkeeper but Muaz stepped in. 

The match started brilliantly for us as Hisham scored his second goal of the season in the first minute. Panthers replied back in the second quarter with a powerful shot from far. However, in the third quarter, we managed to get a penalty because of the handball and Hisham added his second goal of the game. We tried to hold on during the fourth quarter but their striker managed to equalise and the score remains like that until the final whistle. 

Ilyas managed to play for three quarters today and he nearly scored, as always! Overall, we are quite satisfied with Rhinos performance because we managed to take a lead twice in the game and are only unlucky to came out with a draw.

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