Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lancaster City FC (2) FC United of Manchester (1)

What a match!

When we arrived at the Giant Axe Stadium, there were thousands of people in red shirts and scarves and very few in blue (the actual attendance is 2247). I had just started to think that it is becoming like a home match for FC United. Their supporters came with flags and singing songs throughout the match and I was struggling to find any Lancaster City fans. The match itself was also a bit one-sided. FC United were attacking all the time and Lancaster City were realy struggling. Only on certain occasions they managed to make a counter attack and from that they managed to get a lead through a header. And then back to defending until the half time whistle.

In the second half, FC United resumed their attacking mode and only through sheer luck and the inability of FC United strikers to do the finishing did Lancaster City managed to got hold of one goal advantage. The match continued to become a one way traffic affair until several minutes before the final whistle. Some of the supporters have started to went home when suddenly Lancaster City managed to muster a counter attack. The Lancaster City striker found himself face to face with FC United keeper and he kept his cool to slot home the second goal. I was still celebrating when FC United scored a goal which I think came straight from their kickoff. The match became alive yet again and now FC United have doubled their attacks. They got another chance when one of their players executed a bicycle kick shot that was just few inches wide. And then a final whistle came. What a relief and what a joy for Lancaster City fans, including myself. And Ilyas was happy because he can play Transformers toys with Haziq for nearly two hours.
Huzaini, Haziq, Ilyas and me.
The kickoff, Lancaster Castle at the background. Strangely enough, the dugouts were situated away from the Main Stand so the players and the staff had to cross the pitch before the game and during the halftime.

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