Thursday, August 02, 2007

Done that, did that

10 things that happened today:

1. ISS (Internet Something Something) people came to my flat to inspect our internet connection data point. Something is definitely not working and he promised to come back tomorrow morning with some of the repair tools.

2. I renewed my mobile phone contract and got my wife the new Sony Ericsson K810i. It should arrived tomorrow. Her birthday is next month so I guess I'm safe for this year.

3. I called and put my name for dentist registration. Apparently you had to wait for available places before you can go visit the dentist. I'm going to put the whole family into that registration thing.

4. I picked up my Indonesian friend, Maulana from Westmorland General Hospital in Kendal, about 23 miles from here. He got a screw removed from his foot. He broke his leg last year and the doctor had to put some steel and screw to strengthen it. The bone is OK now so I guess the screw already served its purpose.

5. I received 'The Darwin Conspiracy by John Darnton' today from an Amazon seller. Several days ago I received 'Book of the Dead by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child'. I don't think I will be able to read these books this month. There are two books I'm currently reading and the progress is very slow.

6. Got the rental DVDs today, 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend' and 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning'. Probably going to watch them tomorrow.

7. Did some 'adjustments' to my website I put State flag beside each team's name. Going to tweak some more tomorrow.

8. Had a two hours session with the badminton club. Had to play doubles with three ladies. Hate it! Cannot smash!

9. Created a YouTube account for my children. You can go visit

10. Ate karipaps made by my wife and the children. The most delicious karipaps ever!

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