Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Computer Virus

My notebook has been infected by a virus last night. I didn't know what happened really. I just came back from a badminton session and wanted to browse the internet and suddenly there were several pop-up messages that telling me my computer has been infected. I got suspicious and just close all those messages when I realised there are several new shortcuts on my desktop that I didn't recognise. The notebook suddenly crashed and rebooted but when the Windows started again, the usual wallpaper is gone and replaced by a strange warning sign. I immediately disconnected from the Internet and did Ad-Aware scan and Symantec virus scan. Through Ad-Aware I found several Spywares but the computer is running so slow that I had to abandon the Symantec virus scan.

At this moment I'm starting the Symantec virus scan again and if that doesn't resolve the issue, I'm going to bring my notebook to the tech guy.

By the way, I'm writing this using my office computer. Since I did all my work in the office, nothing is lost, plus I had my dissertation backup in my thumbdrive. And I already did a backup for all personal files in my notebook to two separate external hard drive before this virus attack. So if worst case scenario did happened, which is reformatting my notebook back, I will only lose several new pictures and movies of my family, which I think some of them have been already uploaded into our YouTube and Fotopages account.

I think this virus attack happens when you click some of the pop-up messages that appear when you browsing the internet. Will investigate this further.


Azlan said...

Change to Mac.... all your problems (Windoze bluescreen, virus, trojan, spam) will be over! :-)

Ahmed Razman said...

yeah I guess you are right...tapi kena beli laptop baru pulak.. adusss