Saturday, August 25, 2007

Badminton - A Dangerous Sport?

We played badminton last night as usual and I was eager to try out the 2GB Memory Stick that Owen lent to me. Turned out it has a capacity of 70 minutes of recording. That's quite a plenty. And what a night it was. Huzaini managed to break his fourth racket, this time by smashing it onto Maulana's head. And the whole thing was recorded and proudly uploaded in the YouTube. And he managed to hit Maulana's head again later on. After he went home, Maulana just realised that his head is actually bleeding. After recent injury to Asmadi and now to Maulana, our badminton session suddenly becomes a battleground. Time to wear a protective headgear?

The racket fits perfectly to Maulana's head... hehe


Exactly at 0:10 Huzaini hit Maulana's head...

followed by breaking his racket at 0:24

and hitting Maulana on the head again at 0:36

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