Thursday, November 18, 2010

Night fishing at the Home Beach Village Resort

Ilyas has been asking me to take him fishing so today I fulfilled his wish by taking him with me to the Home Beach Village Resort near Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan. This resort has a open air salt water fishing pond and the owner is a close friend of my uncle. They operated this fishing pond on a catch and release policy, which means that you need to release back any fish that you catch. Ilyas couldn't contain his joy at the prospect of landing any fish and was pretty excited when we managed to catch a Siakap Merah after few minutes of fishing. 

While waiting for the next catch, he helped Imi in catching and preparing the baits. He managed to catch few prawns, a Belanak fish and a little swordfish. The night was quite bright with full moon hovering above us and we can hear loud noises of big fish splashing around near the opening of the pond. However, none of them came near our baits much to the frustration of Ilyas. On the way back I asked him whether he still wants to go fishing considering that we managed to catch only one fish. Without hesitation Ilyas said a resounding yes. I guess he is pretty hooked now.

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