Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bowling Tournament for ex students of SKS and SMKSS

Today is the 2nd Annual Bowling Tournament for the ex students of SKS and SMKSS but it will be my first time entering it. I even managed to persuade Jo to join in as well. I thought it might be easy to win the tournament so I sponsored a trophy to be awarded to an individual who drop the highest pins. We played in groups of four players (2 gentlemen and 2 ladies) and Jo and I were in Red team. My score for three frames are 122, 141 and 152 (a total of 415) and Jo managed to get scores of 108, 130 and 84 (a total of 322). 

When the results were announced, our team managed to get third place out of four teams competing. Jo was ranked number four among the ladies for highest pins drop. I won the men category but the overall title (and the trophy) was not mine. Apparently one of the ladies managed to score a total of 431 pins drop. Ilyas was sad that I didn't managed to bring the trophy back home but I promised him next year it will be on top of our television shelf.

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