Sunday, November 14, 2010

Liga Alumni Division One sixth match - ANSARA Taiping 2 ASPUTRA 5

It was raining heavily when I arrived at the Petronas football field in Bangi for the league match. There were even thunders every few minutes and it looks like that the match will have to be postponed. However, the sky suddenly started to clear up and the players for both teams started to get themselves ready for the match. 

The match started in a very fast tempo and for the first ten minutes BATS had to pedal back and nullify various threats and penetrating passes from ASPUTRA midfielders. Counter attack is our only way of attacking and when we were presented with one opportunity to do just that, we took it and got ahead with the first goal of the match courtesy of Kerambit. This is the sixth time in six league matches where we scored the first goal and I am quite worried knowing that eventually we are going to concede a goal before the end of the match. My fear came early as ASPUTRA came back strongly and put two quick goals past our goalkeeper, Shaz. However, I must credit the BATS players because they never give up and when one of the ASPUTRA defenders felled Paan down in the penalty area, Ayie who is the proven dead ball specialist, converted the penalty with ease. The match ended 2-2 in the first half but the fast nature of the game has already taken a toll on one of our players. Pak Lah who is still recovering from flu was unable to continue and he was replaced by Kudin.

Second half started with the same tempo like the first one and before we knew it, we were already behind for the second time. Eby replaced Mujahid to provide more attacking option on the left but ASPUTRA are not satisfied with one goal lead and they kept on pressuring our defenders. One of our central defenders, Taufek then got injured and was replaced by Kamarul. Our opponent then took the opportunity to increase their penetrating attacks and were duly rewarded with another goal. Our casualty continues to mount when another of our central defenders, Madun was replaced by Zainal. And it was few minutes before the end when ASPUTRA scored another goal to fulfill the BATS' tradition of letting in a late goal just like the past six league matches.

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