Sunday, November 28, 2010

Liga Alumni Division One seventh match - ANSARA Taiping 3 ANSARA Serting 1

This is the last match of the league and we need to win it in order to be safe from the relegation. Although there are four other teams below us, mathematically it is still possible for us to be relegated if all bottom three teams managed to win their final matches. 

As predicted, we scored the first goal through a deflection from one of the opponent player's leg. This must be a new record for us, to be able to score first in all seven league matches. However this is not going to be an easy game for us because ANSARA Serting also needed a win to avoid relegation and they proved their determination seven minutes later by capitalising through a defensive lapse to score an equaliser. We managed to maintain our composure by continuing with our attacks and were duly rewarded four minutes later when Fazli (who ironically was an ex student of MRSM Serting) managed to score a goal with an assist from Ayie.

We kept the same players in the second half and the tiredness among our players began to tell. ANSARA Serting started to push forward more often and Joe, our goalkeeper had to work extra hard defending the goal post. We still able to have shots towards their goal post but the accuracy deteriorated badly. When there were 15 minutes left before the end, I decided to bring in Jose and Zainal to replace Fazli and Mujahid respectively. The strategy instantly paid off when Jose scored a goal through a pass by Kerambit. Now we are waiting for the inevitable last minute goal from the opponent, just like what happened for the past six matches. Strangely, it never came. Thus I'm glad that we managed to keep the tradition of scoring early and ended another one of letting in the last minute goal. Now it's time to focus on our campaign of Piala ANSARA with our next match versus a team from Division Two, ANSARA Mersing.

Statistics of the day:
Shots on target: 11 (Opponents managed to have 8 shots on target)
Shots off target: 8 
Most hardworking player: Ayie (27 passes with 70% completion rate and 4 shots on goal (2 shots on target) and an assist)
Most feared defender: Taufeq (100% passing completion rate and 78% successful tackle)
Most precise striker: Fazli (100% passing completion rate and 100% conversion rate)

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