Sunday, November 07, 2010

ANSARA Taiping 4 : 1 Reko Clan FC

This is a friendly match before our Liga Alumni league match resumes next weekend. After two weekends of ANSARA Cup qualifying matches (which we don't have to participate) we were quite worried that the players might not be fully fit. So we decided to have a second friendly match against Reko Clan FC exactly one month after we first played them. Last time we were beaten 2-3 and we knew they are really a good team. That point was proven early in the game when they scored the first goal. We quickly responded to that and our striker Fazli was exceptionally on fire when he managed to score two quick goals. A new player on trial with our team then scored the third goal before the end of the first half. During the second half Ayie scored from a free kick and the match is effectively over for the opponent. I'm quite satisfied with our players' performance today and I hope they will maintain this momentum when we meet the unbeaten ASPUTRA next Sunday.

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