Monday, July 20, 2009

Second Badminton Friendly between Kensington Club and Malaysian Students

Today we had a second friendly badminton tournament between Kensington Badminton Club and the Liverpool Malaysian. This time each team will provide four men doubles and three mixed doubles. Due to several last minute withdrawals for the ladies, we managed to bring two mixed doubles only. And to make sure the tournament will finish on time, each double will play only twice, best of three sets with rally point system.

Overall, Kensington Badminton Club won with 14 sets to 12. They also won 485 points to 458 (with an average of 18.65 per set compared to 17.62 per set for us). However, closer analysis reveals that our men doubles won 10 sets to 8. Their mixed doubles were the stronger one, winning 6 sets to 2. Our men doubles also collected 352 points to 324.

Sham and I won both our matches. In our second match, we met their first men double again. Last time we won 17-21, 23-21 and 21-19 so revenge is on the card. In the first set they showed their intention by winning 21-11. In the second set they need only one point to win the match by leading 20-18 but we managed to capitalise on their nerves to win the second set 22-20. In the rubber set, we were leading 20-18 but they equalised to 20-20. However, the pressure was too much for them as we finished the match with two straight points. But it was a close one, just like in the previous meeting. I would definitely looking forward to play them again in the future.

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