Friday, July 10, 2009

School Revenue Budget

Among the various documents given to us recently by the Wellesbourne Primary School, being involved in accounting, there is one report that I'm interested in, which is the school revenue budget. I love to see its expenditure section was listing all of its expenses items rather than lumping them together under 'General Expenses'. It could be improved though by putting notes to the account to explain in more details of these expenses.

The school income has been decreasing a bit from last year but so does its expenditures. I don't know whether that's a good sign or not. It could means that the school is conducting itself fairly well in anticipating a predicted fall in the government funding. On the other hand, the level of expected education benefits expected upon its pupils might be compromised (the school is spending much less for ICT and other learning resources this year). I wish I could see its income and expenditure reports for the past 5 years to have a better understanding of the financial affairs of a community primary school in the UK.

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