Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today is our much awaited trip to Legoland, situated near Windsor Castle (which we unable to visit due to time constraint). It was raining a bit in the morning but the sky cleared up by noon. Ilyas and Maisarah were so excited that they want to try every rides and shows on offer. The place itself is quite big and I realised that one day visit is definitely not enough so we decided to choose the one that we feels Ilyas and Maisarah will enjoy most. However some of the rides experiences are not really obvious until when you are on it, and by that time it's already too late!

This is what happened when we chance upon a huge castle with a green dragon theme. We thought it is just a slow ride through the dungeon so four of us just get into the ride without much anticipation. At first the ride went inside a dark dungeon (as we predicted) and suddenly we were out in the sun and started to climb upwards. Only then I realised that we were in a roller-coaster! By then the ride started to going down at a very high speed and turn sideways at every corner. And then it started to climb upwards again and the whole same process continued followed by the trademark screams. I thought Ilyas and Maisarah are going to cry because this is indeed their first roller-coaster experience but they emerged unscathed and quite enjoyed it. We bought the picture of the ride and had it printed on the Lego bricks to show to everyone how brave Ilyas and Maisarah are.