Sunday, July 29, 2007

'New' PC

Two days ago one of the Malaysian undergrad here is going home for good. Obviously she could not carry all her stuff to Malaysia so the usual hand-me-down took place. She gave us her two duvets (I want to keep them for the new family from Malaysia who would be coming this September), kitchen stuff and her PC. My wife and I are very happy with the PC because this means my children can play games in their own PC instead of having to share with me. My wife can also use the PC for her own benefits and this will free up my notebook considerably in term of data storage and usage.

Unfortunately, the mouse and keyboard are not working, so today my wife went to the PC World and bought them, a wireless version. The only thing is, our flat is having a bit of connection problem with the data point (my notebook is using wireless connection so no problem in there). Apparently when the flat is being refurbished back in 2005, they must have forgotten to check the internet cable connection whether its working or not. Report has been made so the wait continues.....

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