Sunday, December 12, 2010

Piala ANSARA - ANSARA Taiping 3 ANSARA Gerik 0

Today we are facing ANSARA Gerik in a knock out Piala ANSARA match. I'm not sure really what stage we are playing. It could be a quarter final match or we might be playing to be qualified for the quarter final. The competition details are not readily available but we don't mind much as long as we are winning. However, this time it could not be that easy because for some reasons or other, some of our regular players could not make it for today match. By the time the match is about to start, there were only eleven of us so I had to fill in as the goalkeeper. 

The match started brightly for us when Jose made a dashing round from the right before finishing it off with a thunderous shot right to the far left of the goal post. I had few scary chances in the first half but still managed to keep the clean sheet. The second half started with us constantly been pushed back as the opponent tried to get an equaliser. They did managed to score a goal but was overruled by the referee due to an infringement. 

And then I collided with their striker.

The pain was bearable but I asked to be substituted. Only when I was off the pitch then I started to feel the pain on both my legs. But all was forgotten when Jose struck another goal from the same side and Ayie added another through a penalty after Fazli was brought down inside the penalty area. 

This is the second time I managed to keep a clean sheet in this season and the first time it was done during a proper match. I'm just wondering if the the pain is worth the trouble and it might be when we heard that we will be facing High School Kajang Alumni next week in the semi final (or could it be a quarter final?).

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