Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ilyas and LBJB recording for FourFourTwo show

Liga Bolasepak Junior Bangi (LBJB) members (which include kids and their parents) were invited to be a part of the FourFourTwo show, an Astro football programme hosted in channel 817. Naturally everyone is very excited because this will be their first experience to be on TV. When they were finally ushered into the studio, the room went silent because no one dared to speak or even do anything. Luckily the show hostess, Jay Menon was there to greet us and make us very comfortable. Later on, her partner Jason Dasey joined us together with the former Australian striker, Abbas Saad. 

Surprisingly the recording was done quite quickly and then it's time to take pictures with the hosts. And then it's time to go home and wait for the show to come up on air at 9pm on the same day. When Ilyas shouted 'LBJB!' on the TV, everyone was smiling at him. He is such an entertainer!

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