Saturday, July 17, 2010

Such a Beautiful House

When we attended the wedding reception of Yana's sister, we took the opportunity to look inside her father's house who has been renovated recently. I have never seen so many wallpapers inside a house in Malaysia before because I thought it will simply won't stand the hot and humidity temperature of a tropical country. Apparently nowadays with the right materials you can just do practically anything in order to design your dream home. The designs were commissioned by Yana's older sister who has her own interior design business. I took the opportunity to have a look in every room in the house under the guide of Yana herself. Each room has its own unique design but I forgot to take picture on some of the rooms because there are so many beautiful things to look at! I'm sure this house will be featured in a lifestyle magazine sooner or later and I'm glad to see it beforehand with my very own eyes.

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Rambler said...

I like the kitchen v nice - wallpapers cam dari Laura Ashley :) I agree v gorgeous interiors :)